Mountain Kit - Summer

When choosing kit for the mountains hope for good weather, plan for bad, and you will usually get both!  A sunny day at sea-level is deceptive and the summit could look very different.  So you need to pack accordingly.


For a day in the mountains you will need ALL of the following items:


 *Rucksack that is comfortable when full - load it up and try it at home first

 *Base layer next to your skin that wicks sweat away, like a sports top - not cotton, which stays wet and chills you

 *Warm layer - a fleece or jumper

 *Trousers that dry quickly - proper walking ones are best - not jeans, which stay wet and get very uncomfortable

 *Boots that are comfortable and support your ankles (not trainers which get wet, have no support and cause blisters)

 *Thick socks - invest in a good pair - your feet will thank you for it!

 *Waterproof jacket (with a hood) & waterproof trousers

 *Warm hat - preferably that covers your ears

 *Gloves that are warm and waterproof - avoid wool which won't insulate when wet

 *Sun-hat with a wide brim, sunglasses and sunscreen (sunburn can happen!)

 *Food and snacks to last for a long mountain day - you will burn MANY more calories and there are no shops up there!

 *Water - on a very hot day it's not unusual to drink 4 litres!

 *Spare t-shirt & socks - in case either get wet

 *Personal first aid kit - including painkillers, plasters, blister plasters and any prescription medication

 *Toilet paper


We also recommend:


 *Walking poles, which reduce the strain on your knees and assist your balance, particularly on the way down

 *Hydration bladder with a tube, which is a convenient way of drinking on the move


Please make sure that EVERYTHING is waterproofed in plastic bags - your rucksack won't keep much rain out!


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